Workshops are generally half-day or 2-day intensives with a Predictive Group Certified Consultant. Options for virtual or in-person workshops are available.

Predictive Index® Certification Workshop

Onsite live training (two 8 hr. days) or virtual training (three 5.5 hr. days) devoted to Predictive Index Behavioral System certification.

Earn SHRM & HRCI credits upon completion of the workshop. Harness the power of the PI assessments, interpret data, deliver feedback and use these powerful insights to work with individuals and teams within your own organization. Collaborative training allows people to analyze problems standing between you and your business objectives. Empower your organization and construct a stronger workforce by applying PI’s methodology. Upon completion of this course organizations will recognize increased productivity, seamless teamwork styles, more effective recruitment practices as well-as clear and present increase in business performance.

Target Participants
Leaders and HR Professionals who will serve as PI Masters and advisors within their PI Client organization.

What drives people? Understanding natural Behavioral drives in the workplace

Promotes self-discovery and how your behaviors meet the demands of the work you are doing each day. Discover new ways to leverage your behaviors to increase your effectiveness. Learn the Predictive Index language and recognize how your behaviors influence the behavior of others. Decode the diverse behavioral patterns that restrict individuals from maximizing their full potential. Immediately accelerate performance, improve collaboration, and promote engagement of the individuals around you.

Target Participants
Employees at any level within a PI Client organization.

Customer Focused Selling Workshop

CFS encompasses all the core competencies associated with building trust, credibility, and identifying client needs. This workshop provides tools to better understand prospects and how to improve sales performance themselves. By attending a CFS workshop, you will develop skills that allow you to quickly identify present product/services and how to articulate their value. Learn how to more efficiently handle objections and gain agreement for the sale. Implement a strategic selling approach that increases conversion rates propelled by clear communication. Step into the client’s shoes and manage a sale from their point-of-view. Expand on your effective listening and communication skills and steer conversations in the right direction. Continuous development creates customers for life with effective positioning needed for effective selling.

Target Participants
Account Executives, Sales Reps, Business Developers, Client Success Managers, Sales Professionals at any level.

Leadership Transition Program

The transition from an individual contributor to a successful leader takes more than acquiring leadership skills. Each successive leadership role requires a shift in mindset and a fundamental transference in how the leader leads. Designed based on the Leadership Pipeline principles, the Leadership Transition Program enables participants with the right work values, time application and skills to effectively transition to a new leadership level. LTP creates effective leaders at each level of the organization. Develop your organizations individual leaders and equip them with all the necessary tools to accelerate business results, maintain a clear line-of-sight of company objectives, and create an environment that promotes adding value. This workshop applies real-time situations, so participants come away with solutions and practical strategies that align with their real work. Spend less time managing today’s problems and more time anticipating the future.

Target Participants
Leaders at any level.

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