The Predictive Group, through the use of the Predictive Index tool has helped us maximize our human capital investment. Utilization of the PI Behavioral Assessment provides us with a roadmap of what behaviors are a foundation for success for each position; as well as what we as an employer can expect from an individual if hired for a position. It’s not easy today to find that “perfect fit”. The Behavioral Assessment also provides guidance on we can manage individuals as well as teams to maximize individual and team performance as a foundation for growth and success. We receive a very high level of customer service/support from the Predictive Group’s Client Advocate team. Justin Pittman and the team are always willing and able to help us with reviewing preparing a position profile, reviewing an individual’s Behavioral Assessment as well as assist us with team reports and meetings.

Sandy Washa,

Director of HR

In my 20+ years of recruiting capable and qualified staff, coaching employees and management and offering helpful guidance on personal development, I’ve never used a tool that is more accurately consistent and easily used than the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment.  I have been using it since 2004 and it’s only gotten better since that time. When it comes to hiring it helps me prioritize who to get to first and how to best match candidates to the job as well as provide guidance to managers on how they’ll need to manage newly hired staff effectively.  For current employees and management, there’s nothing like having open dialog about their different styles of communication and work behaviors to equip them to better understand each other and have successful interactions. Lastly, one of the best features of PI Behavioral Assessment and related tools is sitting down with an employee to review what they said about themselves in their BA to bring about a higher level of emotional awareness and ability to understand and empower them to better leverage their natural strengths. I always say – the PI don’t lie.  You can count on it to provide reliable insight beyond any interview, reference or resume. 

Ellen Nevitt,

Chief People Officer

The PI has been such a great tool. I feel like I’ve learned so much about all its nuances over the past 2 years. As a Recruiter, everyone knows we use it as part of our hiring process, but really it holds so much more value. We have not only been able to make better hiring decisions and improve our attrition, but we’ve been able to provide our Managers with helpful coaching tools by sharing the relationship guides and management coaching strategies with them. It’s always a domino effect—once I send one over, the Managers want to see them for all their employees. Also, their customer service is GREAT—our Rep, Justin Pittman, is always willing and ready to help us with whatever the question/topic may be from troubleshooting the platform to walking us through a new job model.

Kendall Jerina,

Recruiting Team Lead

For 10 years, LAVIDGE has relied upon the insights from Predictive Index to hire our superstars, promote teamwork, and to coach for career growth. PI is a valuable tool by itself and made better with the assistance of the talented crew at the Predictive Group.

Alicia Wadas,

Executive VP & COO

The Predictive Group has helped Goodwill make the PI assessment a critical part of our talent management process as we pursue our vision of ending poverty through the power of work. Their support has made a positive impact on our business results as well as our workplace culture. We use the PI assessment and its accompanying tools to support individuals, teams, and our organization as a whole. For new leaders and other key players, we introduce PI as part of the onboarding process and use it to inform individual development plans. The ability to view and understand team profiles allows us to craft more effective leadership development and learning events. At the organizational level, it’s been tremendously helpful to understand which PI profiles have been most impactful on specific areas of our business. We’re grateful for our relationship with the Predictive Group – not just for their PI expertise, but for their ongoing commitment to our mission to empower individuals, strengthen families, and build stronger communities.

Lane Schonour,

VP, Learning and Development

Our ownership has had a decades-long partnership with Predictive Index.  PI has positively impacted all 4 of our companies and has helped me build our successful recruiting program.  The assistance they provide us on recruiting, communication, leadership development and lowering turnover rates is invaluable.  I highly recommend.

Katie Sundt,

VP of HR

Predictive Group has given us immense insights to how our people work and behave. We have full trust in PG with the data behind our most important assets – our people – and their ability to help us translate this data to tangible actions. This has been paramount for us improving engagement, job performance and hiring practices. We understand that coaching, developing and retaining talent is a never-ending quest, and we’re thankful to have a partner in Predictive Group to help guide us.

Alex Dunn,

VP, Operations

A high-performance culture starts with having the right people in the right place utilizing the right tools. For over a decade I have used Predictive Index to hire, train, manage and develop both individual producers and leaders to compete and exceed aggressive goals of our sales environment. If you’re currently relying on resumes and the 30-60-minute interview (via Zoom!!!) to hire talent for your organization, you can double your tools and your odds by adopting behavioral and cognitive assessments from Predictive. Not only will these tools help you find the right fit for your vacancies, it will help you manage, retain and develop them into future leaders of your organization.

Alex Batirov,

VP of Sales

Predictive Index has been an extremely valuable tool for us for the past four-plus years. Not only do we incorporate the results into our hiring decision making process, it also serves as a great management and coaching guide. Justin Pittman has been a terrific Client Advocate for us and has dedicated a lot of his time reviewing results and team comparisons with us on an individual and group basis. I cannot stress enough how much value we place on the Predictive Index tools and would highly recommend this program and Justin Pittman without hesitation.

Holly Hood,


I am so pleased with the impact Predictive Index has had on our hiring practices. The ability to better understand the whole person by using the assessment is a game-changer. We glean so much more insight than we would with just a typical interview. I also love how candidates react to their assessment upon reviewing. The vast majority are astonished that the tool is able to summarize them so accurately.

Allie Geysen,

Director of HR

One of our company’s core values is to be a great partner and communicate clearly. That not only is for us internally but also externally to all our clients and vendors. Predictive Index has been a pivotal took in ensuring we consistently exhibit those values in every imaginable situation, big or small. Using the Behavioral and Cognitive assessments at the start of our recruiting process has been key in helping place candidates in the right roles for them. More importantly it has probably helped us save hundreds of thousands by avoiding slow or stagnant ramp up time and poor hires. We use PI with our leaders to arm them with the increased level of self-awareness that is required to be successful in business. Team sessions are also held to learn about themselves and others to communicate and be a great partner with one another. The certification workshop The Predictive Group holds is full of vital information for success with PI and with the right level of consistency and determination, PI can be engrained in any organization to improve it in all areas. Especially with a now majority remote workforce, being able to connect with one another via PI has proved to strengthen relationships, collaboration eventually resulting in increased productivity and engagement from our team members.

Sophie Kim,

SVP, People and Culture

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