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The Predictive Index System has helped Axon transform both our employee development curriculum as well as our hiring philosophy. We have made better, data-driven personnel decisions by leveraging all of the tools The Predictive Index has to offer.

We view the Behavioral Assessment as a cornerstone of how to attract and develop the best talent available.

Josh Isner
Chief Revenue Officer
We have more qualified Skinny Resume/CV hires, and we have been able to make our onboarding & acceleration to quota predictable using the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment.

Stephen Brady
Senior Recruiter
There is no question about it, we are better today because of our people. The Predictive Index is a big part of that. PI gives you the insight to make a good hire.

Howard Tenenbaum
Vice President COO
Keyes Automotive Group
I have been to Becoming A PI Practitioner twice. Each time has been amazing and well worth my time. The instructors are both knowledgeable and engaging. Stu is hilarious and makes learning fun. The experience and confidence I have gained as a result of my attendance is priceless. Thank you all for always being so willing to help. You guys make us feel like royalty when we come in. I look forward to working with all of you in the future!

Alena Troffer
HR Representative
Capital Lumber

It’s shocking how accurately the PI Behavioral Assessment can define someone.

Steve Bastian
Senior Mining Engineer
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.
I have found that researching both the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment and the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment prior to any coaching session gives me a roadmap of what I want to accomplish.

Art Storck
Director of Sales Engagement
Mobile Mini Solutions
The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment can help not only with your new hires, but it’s a tremendous training tool to use with your existing employees.

It can give you great insight into what your employee needs to have from you, as a supervisor, and what you can do to improve the working relationship and help them achieve their goals.

Audrey Fiore
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Robson Communities, Inc.

I am super excited with what I have learned after attending Becoming a PI Practitioner, and am looking forward to applying the information in our business. The data is indispensable. I will be able to make sure we have the right people in the right seats, for total efficiency within the organization. Great workshop! Looking forward to learning more as time goes on! Thanks to the entire P.G. team!

April Esch
Desert Ridge Family Physicians
We have been using the Predictive Index for over 20 years. We believe it is a very important tool for attracting and retaining superior people who reflect our core values and will deliver superior performance.
Linn Wiley
Former Chairman, President and CEO
Citizens Business Bank
Becoming a PI Practitioner was time well spent! Matt was a great instructor… the material was wonderful and easy to follow in a very comfy classroom.

The warm, welcome smiles greeting you as you enter the lobby, especially the Director of First Impressions… fabulous.

Everyone at PG ensured you were having a great experience while there learning PI. The added treat was Gracie… sweet furr-girl.

Susan Lauretti, PHR, SHRM-CP
Director of Human Resources
Sun Health Senior Living

I love the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. I use it every time I look at making a hire. Overall – I think it’s the perfect tool for us.

Stephen Brotherton
Regional Manager
Mobile Mini Solutions
I suspected the Customer- Focused Selling Workshop would pay for itself quickly, and it did in less then two weeks. My most senior and successful sales guy followed the Customer-Focused Sales Process step by investigative step, and closed a deal with a customer that has only purchased from our competitor for the last ten years. And, he enjoyed the way the process peeled back the customer’s reservations and opened the door for the sale.

Mike Eastwood
Former President & GM
Meadowbrook Golf
What attracted me in the beginning to PI is still my favorite part of the tool, the quick survey takes less than 10 minutes and it’s accuracy has converted the most skeptical of executives once they receive the results.

It has paved the way for smoother job descriptions, recruiting profiling, team building, personal awareness, one on one coaching and it is my go to organizational development tool. This is a tool that must be added to each organization’s HR tool kit.

DeeAnn Jurgens
Former CFO and COO
Relationship Coffee Institute

Best predictive tool in the U.S. Amazing outcomes for Executives and Leaders accountable for recruiting, developing, and mentoring the best talent for their entities.

Mary Beth Giczi
Former Director of HR, U.S. Operations
Gatestone & Co., International
Sales topped $1 billion last year and we believe The Predictive Index® is an anchor point for our success.

Eric Crown
Founder & Former CEO
By using the PI Behavioral Assessment as an interview tool, I was able to hire the people whose personalities fit the requirements of the job and the needs of the company.

Kathy Till
Vice President of Human Resources & Development
La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

As a hiring manager with over fifteen years of experience, I know the importance of hiring for job ‘fit’, but also know the danger of leaning too much into intuition in attempting to determine if a candidate is actually a good match for a role.

The BA provides the science and the vehicle to make hiring for ‘fit’ an attainable goal for every hiring manager in a manner that just couldn’t be done otherwise.

Dr. Damon Twist, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Human Capital
ASU Preparatory Academy

We have been PI® users for over 20 years. Our turnover has been lowered by a great percentage and our bottom line is unquestionably better using PI 100% of the time.

John Fern
Chief Financial Officer
Berkshire Hathaway Automotive
We currently use PI as a coaching and recruitment tool. We want to develop a culture of coaching to the right behaviors for each job at Bryan and PI helps us get there. It is sometimes difficult for managers to easily detect where to spend their time coaching individual team members, and we have found the PI tool to be very effective in quickly identifying behavior gaps to focus coaching opportunities. Additionally, we have found PI to be very helpful in focusing our behavioral based questions during the interview process to drill down on areas where the candidate may struggle in the role to see if they can evidence otherwise.

We hope to continue using the tool in coaching team members and are looking at ways to incorporate PI into individualized coaching plans within key areas of the organization. We love that the tools are easy to administer, provide relevant feedback, and there are multiple ways of interpreting behaviors while focusing on strengths.

Julie Phillips, MHRM, SHRM-SCP
Vice President of Employee Excellence
Bryan University

The Becoming a PI Practitioner Workshop allows employers to understand how potential hires will fit into the roles and responsibility of the business. Creating Job Patterns for these roles will provide the right candidate for the right job.

Jeb does a wonderful job, in a short two days, of explaining how PI works and how the Predictive Group helps to implement it into your business. From the office setting to the people that work there, the Predictive Group is a great environment and provides a great service for any business.

Treg Koel
District Manager

The Predictive Index Practitioner Training is an amazing session to attend. An overwhelming amount of information is shared but the way it is presented – you leave feeling like you truly understand the process and the real results. I came out of the class confident and able to jump right into using the product in the work environment. The incredible and welcoming team makes you feel completely comfortable which provides an atmosphere to learn at the highest level. I highly recommend this course and the PI Cognitive Assessment and Behavioral Assessment.

Deena Richards
HR Manager
QuickSpark Financial
We were introduced to PI® about 12 years ago. Since then, PI has been an integral part of our business and, in no small way, a direct contributor to the growth of our company. Without a doubt, our investment in PI (and commitment to its ongoing use) has provided a greater return than any other dollars spent.

Thomas R. Kestler
Chairman & CMO
Kestler Financial Group, Inc.
The Customer-Focused Selling™ process has become an integral part of the growth and development of our sales team. We were able to see immediate growth and improvement of our sales team’s ability. Not only were we able to see immediate results, we also continue to see sustainable long-term growth investing in our sales team.

Jeff Tymkow
Chief People Officer & Director of Public Relations
Vida Vacations
The Predictive Group facilitated an amazing certification for the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. I loved how the entire staff made it a point to meet the participants of the workshop, and to make themselves available as a resource to each of us. The workshop itself was extremely well organized, engaging and impactful. I am leaving the workshop inspired to leverage PI in so many more ways than my organization has been using PI to date.

I’m convinced we will make better talent selection decisions, onboard our associates more effectively, and develop our talent to their full potential far more effectively by using PI.

Kelly Schoembs
HR Director
LOTH, Inc.

It was extremely helpful to participate in the 2 Day workshop. I had taken the Behavioral Assessment prior to the workshop, along with my team, and we all found it highly accurate. We immediately saw the value in using the tool to support our clients, as we are an HR consulting company.

As helpful as PI is in the recruiting phase of HR, our use is not limited to that as recruiting is a very narrow sector of our business. The greatest potential we see is in the development and teamwork areas and we are just beginning to apply it in these areas.

Participating in the workshop was key in order to gain a better understanding of how the PI assessment results are produced. This information was necessary in order for us to get buy-in from key stakeholders on the process and time commitment to proceed with individual and team development activities following the assessment.

Consuelo Martinez, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
HR Consultant

I really enjoyed the 4 hour What Drives People course. It gave me a better understanding of what each of the factors are and how to read the Behavioral Assessment itself.

My company relies quite heavily on the PI system when recruiting new candidates and as a hiring manager, having this new found understanding has really helped me understand how selecting candidates that fit the job profile help us to build a better team.

Amanda Miller
Manager, Quality and Risk
Innovation Care Partners

My oldest son took the PI when he was 18 and had just graduated from high school. I saved it.

Years later, he decided that he wanted to become a firefighter. In preparation for that interview, he asked me what I thought his top three strongest characteristics were. Of course, I had many more than three! Then I remembered the PI. So I sent it to him and explained a little bit about it. It was just what he needed to help him understand himself well enough to talk about himself in the interview. I asked him what he thought about it and he said “it was perfect!”

I still use my “PI skills” daily after all these years! I appreciate the opportunity to have learned about this amazing tool.

Karla Venable
Sr. Project Manager, Healthcare Services Administration
TriWest Healthcare Alliance

MicroAge Teleservices was a third-party provider of telephone support consisting of over 2,000 employees. We began to expand rapidly and planned to open 3 call centers nationwide. We recognized that we would need help in selecting, managing and developing so many new people.

One tool we embraced across the company was the Predictive Index. After implementing PI, our turnover went from 85% to 28%. With our culture shifting from a disengaged culture to an engaged culture, our absence went from 3% a day to 1.5%. Additionally, we were able to improve operational efficiencies by reducing talk time on the phones from 3.8 minutes to 2.7 minutes without compromising call quality.

Dan Ater
Former COO