Diagnose your organization

The Predictive Index® Diagnose Module is provides you with integrated employee experience surveys to round out your talent optimization journey. 

The Predictive Index® Diagnose to success

The Predictive Index Diagnose Module empowers you to diagnose, understand, and optimize your talent in unprecedented ways. It’s not just a tool; it’s your compass to navigate the evolving world of talent management. Elevate your organization with precision and insight—choose Predictive Index Diagnose.

How It Works:

In the complex landscape of talent management, making informed decisions about hiring, team building, and leadership development is crucial. The Predictive Index Diagnose Module is your key to unlocking a deeper level of insight into your workforce.


Define the exact behavioral and cognitive demands of a job through PI's Job Assessment


Use intuitive system analytics and resources to hire and retain top talent


Measure your candidates against each target to find the best matches


Use intuitive system analytics and resources to hire and retain top talent

diagnose your team

Ignite Inspiration, Drive Success

Enhanced Performance Metrics

Diagnose Strengths

The Predictive Index Diagnose module offers a level of precision in talent diagnosis that’s unmatched in the industry. Make data-driven decisions with confidence. Assess the synergy within your teams. Identify complementary strengths and potential sources of friction, then take targeted actions to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Introduction to Diagnose

By diagnosing strengths and areas for improvement, you can focus on the right development strategies, boosting individual and team performance. Align your talent with your business goals more effectively, ensuring your workforce is contributing to your organization’s success.

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