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The Skinny Resume/CV Solution®

Skills can be taught. Experience is cumulative. Talent is genetic.

Finding the right candidate for a position is becoming more and more complex in today’s business world. 50% of the reason people excel in their positions is directly due to their behavioral and cognitive genetic makeup aligning with the demands of the position. Selecting candidates based on these genetic behaviors and not just what’s on their resume is the focus of the Skinny Resume/CV Solution®.

Every position in every organization has a combination of demanded behaviors and cognitive complexity that serves as a model for success in the position.

  • 78% of resumes contain misleading or embellished information.
  • 73% of organizations have found a marked increase in the number of unsuitable candidates applying for jobs.

Leadership Performance Index™

Accelerate the Talent Pool

Development of high potential employees and Executives can be challenging. The Leadership Performance Index™ provides critical targeted data that is useful in motivating successful people to adjust their behavior. Once Leaders know how they are doing relative to what they are supposed to be doing, a cognitive breakthrough occurs. Leadership growth and development rapidly launches and accelerates.

  • Provides real-time, level-specific targeted data to assess a leader at the level at which they are performing
  • Developed in unison with Steven Drotter, author of The Leadership Pipeline
  • Used as a benchmark for The Leadership Transition Program™

Selling Skills Assessment Tool™

  • provides accurate statistical data

    A data-driven assessment that provides an objective look at your sales people’s strengths, skills and opportunities. With detailed, accurate quantification of the selling abilities across the organization, sales training initiatives can be focused for maximum impact and maximum revenue growth.

Influencing Skills Assessment Tool™

  • Maximize the Influencing Skills of Your Team

    A data-driven assessment that provides concrete data on influence as a universally required business skill. It is ideal for leaders and teams who need to influence others to adopt ideas and gain acceptance on projects and solutions.