The Predictive Index® System

Since 1955 the Predictive Index® System has been a powerful system that defines the natural workplace behaviors of individuals in your organization. By understanding the natural workplace behaviors of prospective and existing employees and identifying your own management and leadership style, you’ll foster a productive, team-oriented work environment.

Predictive Group is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index®. We are authorized to sell, service and train on The Predictive Index® suite of assessments and management workshops.

The PI Behavioral Assessment

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is an objective employee assessment that gives you a definitive understanding of the unique needs and drives that motivate that person. Helping you make people-smart decisions with the best results for your organization, the PI Behavioral Assessment helps build teamwork and assists management to effectively recruit, coach and mentor people and teams. Use it across all levels of your organization, from hiring an hourly employee to selecting future leaders. The PI Behavioral Assessment measures stimulus response, which directly correlates with human behavior.

Accurate, User-Friendly And Versatile.
At first glance, it appears to be a simple adjective checklist. For all its apparent simplicity, however, it is a sophisticated instrument that’s been scientifically validated to be a reliable predictor of work-related behavior. As anyone who has completed a PI Behavioral Assessment will tell you, the results are uncannily accurate.

The PI Cognitive Assessment

General cognitive ability assessments are among the very best predictors of training success and job performance across all job levels and industries. When cognitive ability is used as a key data point in talent decision-making, the odds are greatly improved for selecting individuals who can catch on quick, figure things out on their own, and are able to meet or exceed performance expectations sooner.

  • The timed assessment consists of 50 questions
  • Not a measure of intelligence/IQ
  • Easily administered online

The Predictive Index Job Assessment

Jobs demand certain behaviors. We help our clients build those behavioral models. The opportunity to align people with behaviors the job will love is game changing. The opportunity to help those that may be challenged in the role behaviorally will gain a fresh perspective about the demands of the role to make winning “Choices” to adapt for success.

The Predictive Index® suite of assessments includes, at no additional fee, our Job Assessment options:

  1. Job Patterns are created using the Job Assessment with client input from multiple stakeholders who know the job well. The Job Assessment takes 10 minutes for stakeholder input, and stakeholders receive guidance from our team in merging those inputs to create a consensus.
    • This provides managers and employees with clear expectations of the Job’s demands.
    • Provides a working guideline for the individual to succeed right from the start, and for incumbents in a Coaching/Choices adjustment scenario.
    • The Job Assessment tool is appropriate for any job at any level of your organization.
    • Clients build Job Patterns for every position in the company.
  2. Job Assessment Validity Studies (more than 500 Validity Studies conducted)
    • Guided by Predictive Group with direct support from our PhD research team at The Predictive Index®.
    • Can be performed for any position in a client with a sufficient number of people in a role to insure we can look at a mix of: Top, Average, Challenged performers.

    The Validity of The Predictive Index®

    Since 1955, global organizations have depended on The Predictive Index® as a strategic assessment tool for improved employee selection, talent management, and leadership development. Our clients have confidence in PI®, not only because of its user-friendly accuracy but also for its scientific and research-based foundation.

    The Predictive Index® was developed and validated in compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidelines, as well as the professional standards established by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

    Our parent company, PI®, remains dedicated to conducting research that ensures that the PI Behavioral Assessment is work-related, free of bias, valid and reliable. Our in-house research team has amassed an extensive library of over 400 criterion-related job validity studies covering multiple jobs, industries and countries, which document its validity and application in the business world.

    For additional information on the science and validity of The Predictive Index®, please contact us.

    The Predictive Index® Consulting


    Your Predictive Group Associate is available to help you solve the people issues you are facing today. Passionate and experienced in solving diverse business challenges in complex industries, your associate provides assistance in deciphering your people issues.

    Your Associate can provide a PI® Discovery presentation to your team. PI Discovery is a fun and fascinating presentation that introduces PI® concepts to your entire team. Revealing participants PI Behavioral Assessment and strengths, leadership styles and communication styles improves interpersonal communication promotes teamwork.

    Your Predictive Group Associate is committed to providing the best experience possible to you and maximizing the impact of PI® in your organization. If you have any questions or comments about your experience, please contact us.