Sales topped $1 billion last year and we believe The Predictive Index® is an anchor point for our success.

Eric Crown
Former CEO
Insight Enterprises, Inc.

We have been PI® users for over 20 years. Our turnover has been lowered by a great percentage and our bottom line is unquestionably better using PI 100% of the time.

John Fern
Chief Financial Officer
Berkshire Hathaway Automotive

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment can help not only with your new hires, but it’s a tremendous training tool to use with your existing employees.
It can give you great insight into what your employee needs to have from you, as a supervisor, and what you can do to improve the working relationship and help them achieve their goals.”

Audrey Fiore
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Robson Communities, Inc.

I love the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. I use it every time I look at making a hire. Overall – I think it’s the perfect tool for us.

Stephen Brotherton
Regional Manager
Mobile Mini Solutions

The Predictive Index® has helped Axon transform both our employee development curriculum as well as our hiring philosophy. We have made better, data-driven personnel decisions by leveraging all of the tools The Predictive Index has to offer.

We view the Behavioral Assessment as a cornerstone of how to attract and develop the best talent available.

Josh Isner
Chief Revenue Officer

I have found that researching both the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment and the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment prior to any coaching session gives me a roadmap of what I want to accomplish.

Art Storck
Director of Sales Engagement
Mobile Mini Solutions

We were introduced to PI®about 12 years ago. Since then, PI has been an integral part of our business and, in no small way, a direct contributor to the growth of our company. Without a doubt, our investment in PI (and commitment to its ongoing use) has provided a greater return than any other dollars spent.

Thomas R. Kestler
Chairman & CMO
Kestler Financial Group, Inc.

I suspected the Customer- Focused Selling Workshop™ would pay for itself quickly, and it did in less then two weeks. My most senior and successful sales guy followed the Customer-Focused Sales Process step by investigative step, and closed a deal with a customer that has only purchased from our competitor for the last ten years. And, he enjoyed the way the process peeled back the customer’s reservations and opened the door for the sale.

Mike Eastwood
Former President & GM
Meadowbrook Golf

We have more qualified Skinny Resume/CV hires, and we have been able to make our onboarding & acceleration to quota predictable using the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment.

Stephen Brady
Senior Recruiter

The Customer-Focused Selling process has become an integral part of the growth and development of our sales team. We were able to see immediate growth and improvement of our sales team’s ability. Not only were we able to see immediate results, we also continue to see sustainable long-term growth investing in our sales team.

Jeff Tymkow
Chief People Officer & Director of Public Relations
Vida Vacations

It’s shocking how accurately the PI Behavioral Assessment can define someone.

Steve Bastian
Senior Mining Engineer
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.

What attracted me in the beginning to PI is still my favorite part of the tool, the quick survey takes less than 10 minutes and it’s accuracy has converted the most skeptical of executives once they receive the results. It has paved the way for smoother job descriptions, recruiting profiling, team building, personal awareness, one on one coaching and it is my go to organizational development tool. This is a tool that must be added to each organization’s HR tool kit.

DeeAnn Jurgens
Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Relationship Coffee Institute

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