Our WorkForce Analytics will change the way you do business. A unique combination of scientific data, unparalleled expertise and knowledge transfer propel you to optimize organizational readiness. We are passionate about sharing our expertise in people data.

Enhance Performance.

As a business leader, you care about accelerating the performance and fit of individuals throughout your organization. We support hundreds of companies globally doing just that — accelerating. Using the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment and the PI Cognitive Assessment, you’ll be equipped to make better employment decisions and have the ability to plan for future leadership. Determining an individual’s natural behaviors and cognitive ability will help you to drive success throughout your organization through your most important asset, your people.

Our Scientifically based Sales and Influence Skill Assessments objectively gauge skill level in the areas of persuasion and influence, so Customer-Focused Training courses can focus on improving specific areas of need.

Make Effective Decisions.

With the knowledge you’ve gained, you are equipped to make faster employment decisions, encourage teamwork, and explore advancement opportunities. Using scientifically validated and objective data, you make more effective decisions that drive success.

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